Auroville Tour Packages

Are you planning to visit Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India? Do you know about Kanyakumari Tour Package? Sivasudar Travels organises the tours and lets you experience the bliss of travelling. We are a family owned and managed travel agent from Kanyakumari. For more details, call us at 9486753300.Auroville is a haven on earth and is a beautiful place to spend your holidays.

Matrimandir – Witness The Beauty

Temple of the Mother


Famed as the Temple of the Mother, Matrimandir is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Auroville. Matrimandir is the spirit of Auroville city and Integral yoga is rehearsed at this dazzling sanctuary. You will be amazed to realize that this sanctuary has a place with no religion and individuals, all things considered, and religions can contemplate and discover a sense of reconciliation here. The region where the Matrimandir is found is known as the Peace region. When you are close to the Matrimandir in the harmony region you will observer that peacefulness is spread everywhere and every one individuals keep up with quiet. The finishing of this entrancing sanctuary required 37 years and it was opened in May 2008.

As soon as you will enter the premises of the sanctuary you will see a sparkling vault embraced by 12 petals like construction. The vault mirrors the daylight and seems brilliant. Inside the vault, you will observe the internal chamber where you can contemplate and loosen up your brain and body.

Location: Viluppuram, Auroville


Savitri Bhawan – Amidst Serenity

explore the picture gallery


Dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, Savitri Bhawan in Auroville advances the lessons of Savitri: a Legend and a Symbol. Savitri is one of the most popular works of Sri Aurobindo and in this book he has expounded on a reality where solidarity exists. Savitri Bhawan is opened for every one of the people who trust in the dreams of Sri Aurobindo that he has depicted in this epic. You can investigate the image exhibition in this Bhawan and witness the stunning canvases that Huta made while the Mother directed him. These artworks have lines from Sri Aurobindo's verse assortment.

For acquiring information about Savitri, you can visit the perusing room in Savitri Bhawan where every one of the books and materials are accessible for the individuals who are keen on learning about Sri Aurbindo's view. In 1988, the House of Mother's Agenda was made and you can take a look at her life and lessons at this spot.

Location: Auroville Main Rd, Auroville

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Vérité Learning Centre – Try Meditation

take classes of meditation in the centre


Considered as probably the best spot to visit in Auroville for all explorers who will go to different classes of contemplation, Vinyasa Yoga, Somatic Movements, Hatha Yoga, Nia, and Pilates. At Verite Learning Center you can get a knowledge into your self and what will quiet your spirit and brain. Recuperating meetings, medicines, and far-reaching developments are coordinated at this middle. These meetings are centered around self-improvement, manageability, self-articulation, wellbeing, schooling, and workmanship. Prepare to get a profound information on yoga at the Verite corridor. The much-anticipated break that will change your life looks for you at this middle in Auroville and to take advantage of it you should pre-book the meetings.

Location: Auroville, Bommayapalayam, Tamil Nadu


Quiet Healing Centre – Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind

get healing spas and massages in the centre


Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

At Quiet Healing Center you will be spoiled with mending spas and back rubs. A back rub or a renewing spa is loved by all and assuming you consent to that then, at that point, Quiet Healing Center will definitely turn into your beloved places of interest in Auroville. With the beautiful perspective on the turquoise ocean side, this clinic of affection was initiated in 1997. You can enjoy Thai yoga rub, profound tissue rub, body tapping, Shiatsu, Aquatic Bodywork, and Foot Reflexology at this middle.

Quiet recuperating focuses have experts prepared in Birenda Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Oil Massage, and Holistic Massage. Treat your spirit and restore your brain and body by selecting for these medicines. Loosen up yourself in the rich plant life and the euphoric air at this recuperating focus in Auroville, the city of fortitude.

Location: Chinna Mudaliyar Chavady, Auroville, Chinna Mudaliyar Chavady, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

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Adishakti Laboratory For Theatre Arts & Research – Learn More

place open for art and theatre


If you are passionate about theatre and art then one of the most popular places to visit in Auroville for you will be Adishakti Laboratory For Theatre Arts & Research. Adishakti gives preparing and sorts out occasions and for seeing probably the most experienced entertainers performing you should visit this middle. Adishakti Laboratory opened its entryway for craftsmanship and theater lovers in 1993. Adishakti was opened in Mumbai in 1981 and from that point forward it is one of the famous theater and examination focuses. At this middle, you can go to renowned plays and assuming you are a theater craftsman yourself then you can take a couple of tips from the entertainers.

Location: Edayanchavady Road, Vanur Taluk, Auroville Post, Irumbai Panchayat, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu

Botanical Gardens – Take A Walk

Botanical Gardens


This is one of the interesting spots to see in Auroville which has around 250 unique types of trees planted here. The Botanical nursery helps in safeguarding the climate and gives a charming air to partake in a loosening up day in the midst of plant life. Close by that, the spot likewise includes an instructive focus that can be investigated further

Location: NA

Cultural Pavilion – Explore The Culture

Tibetan Pavilion


Auroville has individuals with an assorted populace who have distinctive social convictions. This social variety should be visible at the Cultural Pavilion. Here individuals from different countries come and get an open stage to grandstand their social legacy. This is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Auroville where people can experience a new dimension of diverse culture.

Location: Auroville Rd, Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101

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Sadhana Forest – Beauty Of Greenery

Sadhana Forest


Auroville is known for its social variety and furthermore the huge area of forested grounds among which Sadhana woods is one. Inside the backwoods, there are different understudy programs that disagreement the region where they talk about afforestation. In the gathering, there are different individuals who work on the cycle to conclude what must be developed where.

Location: 1, Sadhana Forest Rd, Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101